New Mill Experiences

Three New Olive Mill Experiences!

Published: March 15th 2015

You know how it is when you’ve got something really cool–a new pair of shoes in the closet, a peacock in the backyard–but only a few people know about it? Well that’s a bit how …

  • baby-lettuces-vinaigrette

    Baby Lettuces with Red Wine Vinaigrette

    Published: March 15th 2015

    The ultimate in simple vinaigrettes! Featuring baby lettuce and our Sangiovese Blend Red Wine Vinegar, this dish is made table side during our New Mill Experience.

  • salmon-lollipop

    Smoked Salmon Lollipop

    Published: March 15th 2015

    A delightful, utensil free appetizer that features our Meyer Lemon Olive Oil from the New Mill Experience.

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Julie did an amazing tour – would not have bought as much without all the information and education she gave us.” Darnell Fujisaki read more

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