What Does Round Pond Mean to You?


We had a chance to ask a handful of Pondies what THEY thought of Round Pond during this year's Summer Solstice event. Their answers were touching, moving and just plain funny ... perfectly indicative of what makes our fans so special and a fresh reminder to us of why we love doing what we do. Watch and see, then take our Mad Lib below to put into words what Round Pond means to YOU.

Round Pond Mad Lib

What do YOU think of Round Pond? We've put together a little Mad Lib here for you to have fun with. Ask a partner for each of the parts of speech listed and write them down ... then read the whole story aloud. Share yours in the comments ... we'd love to see!

Round Pond is a _______________________ [adjective] winery in the _______________________ [body organ] of Napa Valley. From the moment you enter through the _______________________ [noun], up the drive lined with _______________________ [type of tree], you know you're some place _______________________ [positive attribute]. Their wines are absolutely _______________________ [superlative]. Their Cabernet Sauvignons are _______________________ [adjective], their whites _______________________ [adjective] and their Nebbiolo and Rosato are _______________________ [adjective]. And that's not even mentioning their artisan foods. I love making _______________________ [a recipe] with their extra virgin olive oil, which they make right across the street in their own olive mill. And their citrus oils and syrups make me _______________________ [exclamation]. I made a Meyer Lemon Olive Oil cake for my friends and they did a _______________________ [type of dance]. The hardest part about planning a visit to Round Pond is choosing what to do ... a "lovely" lunch on the terrace? A tour and tasting at the olive mill? I'll just have to go back _______________________ [number] times to do it all. Round Pond, I _______________________ [an affectionate verb] you.

Feed by Round Pond

Written by Feed by Round Pond

The Feed by Round Pond is a collective voice of the staff that embodies the ethos of all we do--from making wine to making artisanal food products to just plain having fun--here at Round Pond.

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