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Tis' the season for gathering en masse and savoring the company of our nearest and dearest over tasty bites and decadent dinners.  Who knows better how to feed the whole clan than the "artists in aprons" called chefs?  

We asked a few of our favorite Napa Valley chefs what they bring for the table when they go visiting - and we are loving their responses!  See 7 delicious recipes below, and let us know your top menu picks to serve this holiday.


chefs' Holiday favorites

1. Sweet potatoes with fernet marshmallow

This elevated sweet potato casserole with home made Fernet Marshmallow comes to us courtesy of Chef Nicholas Jones of the ever-popular local's spot, Farmstead at Longmeadow Ranch in St. Helena.   
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2. chicken liver mousse

Our Round Pond Executive Chef Jamie Prouten gives us this decadent mousse recipe that he likes to surprise people into tasting and loving.
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3. crab a choux

These deliciously easy crispy crab puffs are a go-to for long-time Napa Valley Chef Marvin Martin. These are just as easy to make as they are delicious!   
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4. sesame and buttermilk crackers

Chef Marvin shares another winner with these simple but stunning black and white sesame crackers that make the perfect foil to any cheese or charcuterie plate.
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5. Thyme Gougère

Round Pond Chef Jamie's easy baked thyme and parmesan puffs are completely addicting, and pair so well with any type of wine or cocktail.
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6cauliflower  & potato gratin

Sous Chef at famed Kitchen Door in Napa, Conor Esser gives us his recipe for an updated version of that comfort-food classic: potatoes au gratin.
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7. spicy cocktail sauce

Up and coming winery Chef John Lundy (of Silver Oak, among others) uses fresh, grated horseradish root to give his cocktail sauce a big kick that keeps his guests begging for more. 
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Do you have a recipe to share?  Let us know in the comment section below!

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