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We are thankful for many things in 2015, but first on that list always is the love and support we receive from you! Without your enthusiasm, we would not be able to pursue our passion here at Round Pond. We've put together a snapshot of our year - tasting room fun and special events, our wholesale team on the road and all the fabulous photos and social media posts you've shared throughout the year. It's the roundup of another fantastic year. Thank you!


why we're thankful


I'm thankful for the most talented, hardworking and fun team in the world!
- Ryan MacDonnell, Owner

I'm thankful for a holiday that not only allows, but in fact encourages me, to gorge myself on far more food then I should enjoy. I'm thankful for a sous vide machine that will allow me to prepare Turkey for 35 people without overcooking it. I'm thankful for the men and women in the armed services who will not be spending this holiday with their families. But most of all, I'm thankful that I get to spend this holiday with family and friends enjoying great food, great wine, and great times.
- Miles MacDonnell, Owner

This year I am so thankful for my family and the wonderful people I get to work with every day. I’m also thankful to have had the good fortune of two excellent vintages to begin my tenure here at Round Pond. The 2014s are tasting amazing going into bottling season, and the 2015s look like they will be just as good!
- Muiris Griffin, Estate Winemaker

I am thankful for many things as I try and have gratitude every day for my fortunate life. But I am most thankful for every day I got to spend with my parents before they passed. I am also incredibly thankful for my amazing husband Jared who has helped me through so much. He’s just the best. I know this is sad, but it’s true… and you asked! ;-)
- Nicole Glaze, Trade Sales & Marketing Assistant

I am thankful for Friendships, new & old.
- Diane Cline, National & International Director of Sales

I am thankful for the love and support that my new husband and I felt as we were surrounded by all of our friends and family.
- Nicole Wells, Marketing Coordinator

I’m thankful for my family (my two sweet girls – Penny and Danielle, okay, my husband too (Ken)). Thankful for friends and co-workers too.
- Connie M. Yee, Accounting Manager

I am thankful for Dogs, and the joy they seem to be created to give. I am also thankful for coffee in all its forms, without which I would not be here today.
- Sia Giannakouros, Accounts Payable Specialist

I am thankful for my family, friends, and the fact I get to represent a family and products I can be extraordinarily proud of! And the Cubs winning season. Can't leave out the Cubs.
- Scott Reed, Midwest Regional Sales Manager

With my aunt passing earlier this year, I am more than ever thankful for the quality family time I have had with my family so far this year.
- Carrie Baker, Associate Brand Manager

I’m thankful for lots of things but mainly for my childrens' health.
- Mayra Mena, Payroll & Compliance Specialist

I am thankful for the beauty that surrounds us, rain or shine! Every morning I drive into work I am awestruck by the view the valley has to offer.
- Stephanie Baetz, Winemaking Assistant

I'm thankful for my wonderful parents who supported my move to Napa almost 5 years ago and continue to give me that support I need to keep thriving and growing here in the Napa Valley!
- Erin Morrissey, Olive Oil and Wine Educator

In the last year, we have had two major disasters strike our little community, a 6.0 earthquake to the south and a devastating wildfire to the north. Our Round Pond family of employees and local fans escaped relatively unharmed, due in large part to the first responders and wave of volunteers in our community. I am especially to those that have planned for these disasters, and those that respond so quickly. And finally, I am grateful for our community, which has given so generously to those afflicted.
- Liz Mercer, Director of Hospitality

I'm thankful for my family, friends and my super fantastic fiancé, Barrett.
- Christina Blandon, Assistant Tasting Room Manager

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