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The road to making our vinaigrettes has been a long and true labor of love!  Inspired by the fragrance of fresh herbs in our winery garden, owner Ryan MacDonnell wanted to make sure that the vinaigrettes in development not only used products sourced entirely from the Estate, but actually smelled and tasted of the very essence of Round Pond.  

The goal was to create vinaigrettes that taste just as fresh as the herbs that are in them - a homemade artisan vinaigrette ready for you to use at your convenience!  Together with Winery Chef Jamie Prouten, they created and tasted numerous iterations of possible vinaigrette recipes before they decided on the classically-inspired Red Wine Herb Vinaigrette, and the unexpectedly fun Blood Orange Lavender Vinaigrette.

Using a unique herb-infusion process in oak barrel-aged vinegars, these vinaigrettes really sing!  We are so pleased with the final result.  No preservatives, no emulsifiers, no additives - just pure, natural Round Pond goodness in a bottle. We hope that you love them as much as we do.  See some of our favorite uses below, and ENJOY!

Our favorites

1.  Fruit Salad  Our Blood Orange Lavender Vinaigrette makes fruit salad fantastic! Vinegar serves to mellow and ripen not-quite-ripe fruit, so cutting and dressing a fruit salad the day before serving, topping with chopped mint leaves will make your next fruit salad anything but basic.

2. Roasted Corn Topping  For a lighter version of the well-loved Mexican favorite  Elotes, brush corn-on-the-cob hot from the grill with a mixture of our Blood Orange Lavender Vinaigrette and melted butter, and finish by sprinkling with parmesan cheese.

3. Baked Brie  Heating a wheel of brie in a warm oven until cheese is oozing, and then topping with a splash of vinaigrette, chopped stone fruits, and pecans is an unforgettable taste experience - so decadent, but so easy.

4. Steak Sauces  Steak sauces usually contain vinegar to enhance the meat’s flavor and balance the fattiness. Try a Dijon Mustard or Pesto Vinaigrette instead of the ubiquitous BBQ sauces that can overwhelm a good piece of meat. 

5. Market Rotisserie Chicken  Truthfully, picking up a hot, ready-made rotisserie chicken from the market is one of the greatest of modern conveniences, but not always the most inspired. Here's a better idea: shred the chicken meat, drizzle with our Red Wine Herb or Blood Orange Lavender Vinaigrette and serve atop salad greens, quinoa, or farro for a quick dinner that just tastes as if took all day to make.

6. European Potato Salad  Mayonnaise in a potato salad isn’t the only way to enjoy this summer staple. A light, lemony vinaigrette tossed with freshly boiled potatoes and fresh dill is as healthy as it is satisfying, and will keep better in the summer heat than mayo. 

7. Asian Noodle Salad  Add our Blood Orange Lavender Vinaigrette to cold rice noodles, and experiment with additions of peanuts, sriracha, green onion, mandarin oranges, and minced ginger to create your new favorite side dish. 

8. Charcuterie Platter  At first, the idea of a charcuterie plate seems simple.  After all, it's just a plate of sliced meat, right?  Although slices of coppa, salami, prosciutto, and capicola all taste fantastic, a small touch of an excellent vinaigrette can bring out the salty, meaty goodness of these rich meats like nothing else.  

9. Meat or Butter Vinaigrette  Yes, it sounds strange, but adding melted bacon fat or butter to your next vinaigrette can make give your heartier veggies like brussel sprouts or cauliflower a bit of finesse.

10. Sandwiches  Our Red Wine Herb Vinaigrette drizzled on a roll provides the perfect contrast to the rich, cured meats of an Italian Hero, and complements the veggies within.

11. Pre & Post Marinade  Vinaigrettes do an excellent job at marinating meats or vegetables because the vinegar tenderizes and allows for better absorption of the marinade's flavor into the food.  Re-enforce the flavors imparted by the marinade by adding a splash of the same vinaigrette after cooking as well.

12. Veggies & Pasta  The excellent flavors of freshly grilled or baked summer vegetables are elevated when combined with farfalle or rotini pasta and a generous helping of our Red Wine Herb Vinaigrette and shredded percorino-romano cheese.

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