Unexpected and Fabulous Cab Pairings


Here at Round Pond, we love our big, bold Cabernets.  While delicious when paired with a juicy steak, this wine works well with so much more!  We wanted to highlight this wine's versatility and offer our loyal followers an array of "unexpected" cabernet pairings so you can enjoy this fantastic varietal all year round.

Together with our winemaking team, top sommeliers, owner Ryan MacDonnell and winery chef Jamie Prouten, we set out to create several fantastic summer-inspired recipes that pair perfectly with our cabernets.








We first met to discuss the flavor profiles of each of our cabernets and identify the characteristics to highlight in each recipe.  We found that when pairing a wine with a dish, there are a few simple rules to follow that truly help enhance the flavors of each. For instance, if you're preparing an entree that has a high acid content (think lemon or tomato), try pairing it with a wine that is slightly acidic.  Also, bold-flavored foods pair well with big, bold wines like cabernet. You generally want to match the richness of the food with the richness of the wine.  The tannins in big red wines hold up well and complement the fattiness in the food. 

With all our suggestions in mind, Winery Chef Jamie Prouten went back to the drawing board (and cutting board!) to create several standout recipes that deliver summer fresh-from-the-garden produce that pairs perfectly with cabernet.  Of course, a tasting party was in order (tough job!) and voila: six new, interesting, flavorful and unexpectedly delicious Cabernet Sauvignon pairings were born just for you.


our 6 Unexpected Cabernet Pairings

just for summer

Grilled Carrot Hummus Duck Hash

grilled carrot hummus

Why It Works:  This vibrant vegetarian option gets a smokey-sweet twist when grilled carrots are combined with chickpeas that make up traditional hummus. The earthiness of the carrot, touch of citrus from the orange oil, and
the salty fat of the fried pita enhance
the fruity nose of the 

duck & potato hash

Why It Works: This inventive hash brings a nice, soft heat from the roasted pepper, and rich duck flavor in every bite. The creaminess of the poached egg complements the acidity in the cabernet nicely, and the rosemary in the hollandaise brings forth the earthy minerality of the wine.

Grilled Peach and Gorganzola Flatbread Marinated Chicken With Rosemary Salsa Verde

grilled peach & Gorgonzola flatbread

Why It Works: We love the slightly smoked, charred taste of this lush, grilled flatbread! The salty note in the
gorgonzola coupled with the carmelized fruit in the grilled peaches complements the blackberry tones found in the wine.

marinated chicken with italian salsa verde

Why It Works: Because this recipe has been such a success in our Il Pranzo Lunches, Chef wanted to modify the verde to really shine with our cabernet. The rosemary in the dish enhances the dusty, mineral tones of the wine, while
the caramelized citrus flavor from the grilled lemon highlights the berry and leather notes on the nose.

SquidInkPasta_245x230.jpg S'more Pot-au-creme

seafood diavolo

Why It Works: The richness of the squid-ink pasta was a nice surprise, and together with the piquant seafood broth, it was almost meaty in its taste – a great pairing for a cabernet! With this dish, we found that the flavors married well, bringing forth the more robust nature of the varietal.

s'mores pot-au-creme

Why It Works:  It’s just not summer without s’mores! This elevated version of the campfire classic will have you wanting more from the first bite. The graham cracker bottom and the charred meringue top bring out the darky berry notes in the wine, while the creamy chocolate balances the wine’s acidity nicely.

 Do YOU have a favorite Unexpected Cab Pairing?  
Let us know in the comments below!

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