Come Join Us

If you haven’t been to a Round Pond Experience yet, here’s what you have to look forward to. Friday nights watching dusk settle over the vineyards from the Terrace, a leisurely lunch after exploring both winery and mill, and much, much more.

  • hands-on-harvest

    Hands on Harvest

    By: Feed by Round Pond

    Harvest is always a thrilling time of year – but it comes and goes so quickly! From August through October, we have an exciting experience that literally puts you in the winemaking team’s footsteps. Get your hands dirty and see what it’s like to work harvest at Round Pond.

  • new-mill-experiences

    Three New Olive Mill Experiences!

    By: Feed by Round Pond

    You know how it is when you’ve got something really cool–a new pair of shoes in the closet, a peacock in the backyard–but only a few people know about it? Well that’s a bit how …

  • best-of-2014

    The Feed’s Best of 2014 … You Decide!

    By: Feed by Round Pond

    We love bringing you stories, tips and recipes on The Feed inspired by life here at Round Pond. And now, as the New Year is just beginning to bud, seems like the perfect time to ask you what you’d like see in 2015. More DIY? More places to go in Napa? More behind the scenes features? Let us know with this short survey.

  • thankful-for-you

    We’re Thankful for YOU!

    By: Feed by Round Pond

    During the months leading up to the holidays, we here at Round Pond talk a lot about what we are thankful for. And at the very top of our list is …YOU!

  • signature-tour

    A Peek at Our New Signature Tour

    By: Feed by Round Pond

    We’re pleased as punch to announce our brand new Round Pond Signature tour, which we’ll be officially launching in August. Here’s a sneak peek.

  • chef-eric

    Why Eric Cooks … Our Chef’s Story

    By: Feed by Round Pond

    Why Chef Eric cooks … and how we can support him.

  • round-pond-mad-lib

    What Does Round Pond Mean to You?

    By: Feed by Round Pond

    We had a chance to ask a handful of Pondies what THEY thought of Round Pond during this year’s Summer Solstice event. Their answers were touching, moving and just plain funny … perfectly indicative of what makes our fans so special and a fresh reminder to us of why we love doing what we do. Watch and see, then take our Mad Lib below to put into words what Round Pond means to YOU.

  • fresh-olive-oil

    Fresh Olive Oil Month at Round Pond!

    By: Ryan MacDonnell

    In Italy, there’s a tradition of honoring the first olives harvested and the pungent, fresh oil they produce … which Italians call “olio nuovo,” or “new oil.” Here’s how we celebrate our “olio nuovo” here at Round Pond.

  • summer-solstice

    The Making of Our Summer Solstice Event

    By: Colleen Dray

    Watch as Colleen and her team transform the Round Pond grounds into our magical Summer Solstice Event. Then read Colleen’s tips below for creating stellar events of your own.

  • terrace-lounge

    Friday Night Terrace Lounge: Olaf’s Lens

    By: Feed by Round Pond

    We’ve got a treat here for you. Acclaimed photographer Olaf Beckmann stopped by the Friday Night Terrace Lounge and was gracious enough to share shots and thoughts from the experience. Can you believe he snapped these on his iPhone?

  • day-in-the-life

    “A Day in the Life” at Round Pond

    By: Feed by Round Pond

    Out of all our experiences at Round Pond, our “Day in the Life” really brings home the whole farm to table concept. Spend the morning in the vineyards and winery harvesting with our winemaker, Brian, then move to the olive mill for a private tour and tasting, ending with a feast from the garden prepared by Chef Eric. What a day! What a life!

  • round-pond-experiences

    The Round Pond Experiences

    By: Feed by Round Pond

    Sit back and enjoy a sampling of the experiences to be had at Round Pond …