Behind the Scenes

Yes, our wines are elegant and our artisanal foods pure. But there’s a lot of work—contributed by a lot of people (and dogs)—that goes into making it all happen. And boy do we have stories for you.

  • Round Pond Olives

    Fresh Year, Fresh Oil!

    By: Feed by Round Pond

    We all want to start out healthy in the New Year, right? Well we’ve got a way to do that and thoroughly enjoy it too. It’s no secret that olive oil is a super healthy …

  • syrup-feature

    Sweet Stories Behind Round Pond Syrups

    By: Feed by Round Pond

    You already know about our amazing syrups here at Round Pond, especially now that they’re in places like Williams-Sonoma. But what you may not know are the very personal stories behind how they came to be. Watch this video to hear them, and get our very first FEED special!

  • comic

    Introducing … The Round Pond Superheroes

    By: Feed by Round Pond

    The Round Pond Superheroes debut in a pitched battle with evil Dr. Bo-Trytis. Captain Vino musters his crew of Wonder Wind Man, Supersonic Heatmeister and Super Sun Woman to save the day … and the 2014 vintage. But will they succeed? Don’t miss this action packed episode! And don’t miss the chance to share it on social!

  • Cheers2014Harvest_e

    Toasting to Harvest

    By: Carrie Baker

    Harvest came early this year, with the first pick of our Sauvignon Blanc mid-August. To kick off the season, winemaker Muiris Griffin shared this beautiful poem by Walt Whitman.

  • balsamic-feature-plain

    Making Our Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale

    By: Ryan MacDonnell

    This is an exciting post for us, about the coming to fruition of a project that’s been over eight years in the making! We’ve just bottled our very first release of our brand new (aged eight years) Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale.

  • blending with muiris

    Meet Muiris

    By: Feed by Round Pond

    We caught our new winemaker, Muiris Griffin, in a quick interview. Watch it here …

  • blending with muiris

    How We Blend Our Rutherford Cabernet

    By: Muiris Griffin

    Meet Muiris Griffin, our new winemaker at Round Pond. Here, he talks about the two approaches he takes with blending, as a painter and as a sculptor.

  • feature-1

    Chicks and Chickens at Round Pond

    By: Ryan MacDonnell

    What could be more fun than having your own beloved little chics raise their own beloved little chicks? Read about Ryan’s three daughters’ adventures raising Round Pond’s flock.

  • Pink Kale

    The Art of Cultivation

    By: Feed by Round Pond

    You’ve heard of organic. And you’re most likely heard of biodynamic. Michael Presley, our Head Gardener, uses methods along the entire spectrum that are geared towards a kitchen garden in an approach known as biointensive.

  • GardenChilies

    Dora’s Garden Salsa: A Round Pond Harvest Tradition

    By: Feed by Round Pond

    All around the Valley, winemakers and harvest teams rely heavily on Mexican food during the busy harvest season, and Dora’s Garden Salsa is one of the most popular picks here at Round Pond. Watch the video to see Dora in action, then make her Garden Salsa and Adobo recipes at home.

  • Tanks(email)

    Tank Naming: A Round Pond Harvest Tradition

    By: Feed by Round Pond

    One of our traditions here come harvest time is to name the tanks. This year’s theme? 80’s movies! Plus … other harvest traditions from our Napa neighbors.

  • Round-Pond-Olives---Tree-to-Tank-still

    Olive Harvest at Round Pond

    By: Ryan MacDonnell

    We’re taking you behind the scenes of this winter’s olive harvest at Round Pond. First, Ryan shows you how we make our olive oil, shepherding the olives from tree to mill to oil to tank in less than an hour. Then she takes you through a tasting of each of our eight olive varietals, explaining what each one brings to the blend.

  • G+W-Cam Still

    Ginger + Wasabi Dog-Cam

    By: Feed by Round Pond

    Join Ginger and Wasbi, our winery dogs, in the vineyards as they chronicle the journey from grape to glass … then enjoy our little fable of two clusters who met very different fates on the crushpad.

  • 34

    How We Make Blood Orange Olive Oil

    By: Ryan MacDonnell

    Walk through what it takes to make Round Pond Blood Orange Olive Oil … then grab a bottle for yourself and whip up delishes of your own.