At Home

We hear it all the time as guests lounge on the terrace or admire the gorgeous grounds and décor: “I wish I could take this all home with me.” Well … now you can. Get tips and how-to advice on how to bring a Napa—and Round Pond—feel to your home, garden and table.

  • Round-Pond-Blood-Orange-Olive-Oil-and-Syrup

    10 Ways to Use Our Blood Orange Oil & Syrup

    By: Feed by Round Pond

    From cocktail to dessert, we’ve got all sorts of fun ways to use our Blood Orange Olive Oil and Syrup here. Become a chef in just a drizzle.

  • Chicago. Aerial view of Chicago downtown at twilight from high a

    Live Like a Local: Chicago

    By: Feed by Round Pond

    Over the years, we’ve loved sharing Napa Valley hot spots with our loyal followers.  These popular “live like a local” posts have featured everything from hiking trails, to best breakfasts, to blow out dinners, and many in between.  …

  • Best-of-2015

    Best of 2015

    By: Feed by Round Pond

    Being awards season, we wanted to take this time to do our Best of 2015! Looking at our top page views, comments, pins and likes, we have a fantastic selection for you. From a parody of the newest winemaking technique to our favorite Napa itineraries and beyond- there was something for all.

  • Olive-Arrancini

    15 of Our Favorite Appetizers

    By: Feed by Round Pond

    We’ve put together our favorite appetizers – a few brand new ones from Winery Chef Jamie Prouten and a few of our favorites from the year – enjoy!

  • The Bounty Of Summer At Round Pond Gardens

    Seed to Table: Garden Harvest + Summer Recipes

    By: Daphne Blackmer

    Part 3 of the Seed To Table Series. Throughout our Winery & Estate gardens we have some seriously gorgeous produce coming in, and we hope you enjoy harvesting tips from our Master Gardener Daphne, as well as some all time favorite summertime recipes. Pour a glass of Round Pond and let’s eat!

  • blueberry-lemon-verbena-shrub-mocktail

    DIY Shrub & Mocktail

    By: Feed by Round Pond

    The shrub has become the perfect marriage between seasonal fruits from our winery garden combined with the vibrant flavors of our vinegars, syrups and olive oils. We hope you enjoy our easy 10 step guide to making a shrub at home!

  • Il-Pranzo-at-Home

    Il Pranzo at Home

    By: Feed by Round Pond

    We love offering a piece of Round Pond Estate through our Il Pranzo Experience and now you can recreate it at home with our newest menu and shopping list!

  • DIY-Garden-Structures

    DIY Garden Structures

    By: Daphne Blackmer

    Here at Round Pond Estate, we find some plants and crops produce better when grown vertically off the ground.  In place of purchasing expensive garden structures from your local nursery, we have put together simple …

  • Marinade, Grilling, marinades, Summer Marinade

    Wine Friendly Marinades For Grilling

    By: Feed by Round Pond

    We’ve asked our Estate Winery Chef for the perfect summer wine friendly marinades (one to pair with our white wines & one to pair with our red wines).

  • Sauvignon-Blanc-Visual-Tasting-Notes

    Sauvignon Blanc 3 Ways

    By: Feed by Round Pond

    With 3 white wines that all feature Sauvignon Blanc, we are asked all the time about the difference between our 3 wines…how about visual tasting notes?

  • GirlsGarden

    Seed to Table: Planting Your Seedlings

    By: Daphne Blackmer

    Seed to Table Series — Part 2 PLANTING YOUR SEEDLINGS You’ve followed our tips from our March post – Seed to Table: Start Your Seedlings – and they’re growing. Great news! But now what? It’s …

  • blind-tasting

    How to Host a Blind Tasting

    By: Feed by Round Pond

    Want the next step in wine tasting? Hosting a blind tasting is an exciting way to try new wines and put your tasting skills to the test. 7 Steps to a Successful Blind Tasting:   …

  • 1_Daphne&Laura

    Seed to Table: Starting Your Seedlings

    By: Daphne Blackmer

    It may read “February” but our gardeners are already thinking “June.”The seeds they plant now means plenty of produce for our Il Pranzo lunches this summer.

  • winter-whites

    Enjoy Your Winter Whites All Year Long

    By: Feed by Round Pond

    This winter, we didn’t want to let the weather outside stop us from enjoying some of our favorite white wines. Our chef, Jamie Prouten, has 3 tips so that we can enjoy whites year round.

  • citrus-syrup-cocktails

    10 Awesome Citrus Syrup Cocktails

    By: Feed by Round Pond

    We asked our favorite Napa Valley mixologists to play with our syrups. Here are the amazingly awesome cocktails they came up with. Try them this holiday season and let us know which one is your favorite!

  • fall-arrangements

    Gretchen’s Tips for Gorgeous Fall Arrangements

    By: Feed by Round Pond

    We love this time of year! The holidays bring joy, laughter, gratitude and a plethora of friends and family get-togethers. We’ve turned to our beloved “Flower And All Things Décor” expert, Gretchen Lawton, for tips on how to make gatherings beautiful rather than stressful.

  • canning-strawberry-preserves

    The Round Pond Guide to Canning

    By: Ryan MacDonnell

    Round Pond owner Ryan MacDonnell and her girls love to make jams and sauces with goodies from the garden. Watch Ryan, Addie and Gigi (with Taylor Swift playing backup in the background) making strawberry preserves in the video, then follow the steps below to do it yourself with whatever’s growing in your neck of the woods.

  • round-pond-tomato

    The Tomato: What We Do At Round Pond

    By: Feed by Round Pond

    It’s that time of the summer when tomatoes are at their most prolific, and we all start to tire of the, albeit beloved, Caprese salad. Here are some ideas for how to use your tomatoes from our Round Pond staff and friends … along with the fun stories of how the dishes came to be.

  • summer-recipe-corn-salad

    Our Favorite Summer Recipes!

    By: Feed by Round Pond

    We’ve pulled together our favorite summer recipes for you from here at Round Pond. Bon appetit!

  • stacked-caprese-salad

    What YOU Do With Round Pond!

    By: Feed by Round Pond

    Last month, we asked you all to submit your favorite ways to use Round Pond products or pair Round Pond wines. Here are the winners!

  • spring-meyer-lemon-shortbread

    Our Favorite Spring Recipes!

    By: Feed by Round Pond

    We’ve got a roundup of our favorite spring recipes for you from here at Round Pond. And we’ve got some exciting news too … our Citrus Syrups will be available at Williams-Sonoma starting this spring!

  • building-garden-beds

    How to Make a Gorgeous Garden Bed

    By: Feed by Round Pond

    Garden beds are amazing, magical things. They’re where “dirt” gets transformed into “soil” and becomes a complex ecosystem that nurtures life from the microbial level all the way through to the vegetables we eat. Learn Michael’s three golden rules for making gorgeous beds that will make your garden grow.

  • how-to-host-olive-oil-tasting

    How to Host an Olive Oil Tasting

    By: Ryan MacDonnell

    Watch Ryan show how to host an olive oil tasting in the video above, then follow the steps below to hold one for your guests in your own home.

  • beautiful-plate

    How to Make a Beautiful Plate

    By: Eric Maczko

    Chef Eric shares his pro tips for making food look beautiful on the plate … just in time for Thanksgiving.

  • garden-chilies-for-salsa

    Dora’s Garden Salsa: A Harvest Tradition

    By: Feed by Round Pond

    All around the Valley, winemakers and harvest teams rely heavily on Mexican food during the busy harvest season, and Dora’s Garden Salsa is one of the most popular picks here at Round Pond. Watch the video to see Dora in action, then make her Garden Salsa and Adobo recipes at home.

  • Miles&Ryan_Squab_Crop

    How to De-bone a Squab (or Quail)

    By: Eric Maczko

    Eric shows how to de-bone a whole squab (or quail), and Miles and Ryan give it a try.

  • zucchini-blossoms

    Zucchini: What We Do at Round Pond

    By: Feed by Round Pond

    Have you ever noticed that zucchini always seems to come with stories? Here are a few from our very own Round Pond staff, along with ideas for what to do with the abundance of zucchini right now.

  • summer-solstice

    The Making of Our Summer Solstice Event

    By: Colleen Dray

    Watch as Colleen and her team transform the Round Pond grounds into our magical Summer Solstice Event. Then read Colleen’s tips below for creating stellar events of your own.

  • how-to-pair-wine-tips

    Tips on How to Pair Your Wine

    By: Eric Maczko

    Chef Eric explains how he chooses what food to pair with wine (and vice versa), then gives you three tips to use at home. 1) Know Your Wine. 2) Like and Like Makes Less Like. 3) Pair High Alcohol Wines with High Fat Foods and Low Alcohol Wines with Low Fat Foods. Click below to learn more.

  • seasonal-vegetables-garden-plate

    Seasonal Vegetables:From Garden to Plate

    By: Eric Maczko

    Chef Eric takes us out to the Round Pond gardens to see what’s fresh, then back to the kitchen to translate it to a meal. Plus … Eric’s three top reasons to love seasonal vegetables.