Sweet Stories of Our Syrups


You already know about our amazing syrups here at Round Pond, especially now that they're in places like Williams-Sonoma. But what you may not know are the very personal stories behind their creation..


Our Artisan Syrups and How They Came to Be

 From the excess of incredible organic juice left over from milling the Meyer Lemon and Blood Orange rinds with our olives for our flavored oils, to the call of the gorgeous pomegranates outside Ryan's office ... these syrups are truly an organic outgrowth of the abundance here at Round Pond.

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Artisan Syrup 3-Bottle Gift Set


The Round Pond Artisan Syrup Story:
At Round Pond, creating gourmet specialty foods is a passionate process of insight and inspiration. As a sustainably farmed Napa Valley estate with vineyards, gardens and orchards, we believe in being good stewards to our land and using our ingredients wisely. While crafting our acclaimed Meyer Lemon and Blood Orange Olive Oils, using the skins of California grown citrus fruits, we found ourselves with an abundance of vibrant, fresh-squeezed juice. Our delicious solution – the pure essence of citrus syrups. A sweet and whimsical match for an array of food and beverages, we invite you to discover this delightful treat.

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