The Gravel Series Wine Tasting - A Deeper Look


Our Gravel Series Cabernet Sauvignons are the most elite tier of wines crafted here at Round Pond Estate.  We believe great wines starts in the vineyards, and we have come to know every inch of our vineyards and the distinctive traits that exemplify each block's potential.

The three Gravel Series Wines are all crafted exclusively from vines growing on a series of unique gravel streaks running throughout our Rutherford and Oakville properties.  Extremely limited in production and made of 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, The Vow, Secret Garden and the Scholar's Gate are powerful and elegant wines.

Because our Gravel Series Wines are so special, we have created a singular tasting experience for the serious wine connoisseur.  Discover what makes these wines so rare, how each vineyard block's expression is unique, and what it takes to produce a Napa Valley Cult Cab.

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Over the past thirty years of farming our estate vineyards, we have come to identify unique gravel sections running throughout our properties, each of which produces extraordinary fruit.  In these microsites, less water is retained during the growing season, creating stress in the vine.  This “hydro stress” starts very early in the spring, forcing the vine to focus its energy on ripening the fruit, not on the vine growth itself. Meticulously farmed and delivering lower yields of tiny berries, these blocks produce beautifully concentrated flavors, rich aromatics, and ripe tannins.


Each vintage, specific vines showing the most concentrated flavors within the three identified blocks are selected for the Gravel Series wines.

SCHOLAR'S GATE:  On the north-east portion of our Rutherford property, the Red Barn Vineyard, features a gravel streak meandering through block 5. Showing as the silkiest and most savory of our three Gravel Series wines, the 2014 Scholar’s Gate is opulent, serious, and voluptuously textured.

THE VOW: On the south-east portion of our Rutherford property, the gravel streak continues through one single block, 11B.  Dark, brooding and boastful from beginning to end, our 2014 The Vow presents as the boldest of the three Gravel Series Cabernet wines.

SECRET GARDEN Very special vines from our Oakville bench property, Mbar Vineyard, has an overload of alluvial soils washed down from the Mayacamas mountain range. This site experiences more maritime influence, with the fog layer lingering later in the morning and arriving earlier in the evening. The most feminine of the three Gravel Series wines, the 2014 Secret Garden is floral, sultry, and nuanced.


Your tasting experience begins with a welcome splash of our newest release wine and a tour of our winemaking facilities before arriving at our beautiful private wine library room.  Your dedicated wine educator will share insight into terroir, soil compositions and its affects on the wine, and the process of fruit selection that is sure to intrigue even the most experienced wine collector.


It is uncommon for a winery to offer tasting of their top tier wines without prior commitments to purchase but, sharing and hospitality is in our DNA!  You will have the opportunity to taste through the current release of the Gravel Series Wines, paired with a curated charcuterie board comprised of locally-sourced ingredients.


As your tasting progresses, note the extraordinary versatility of the Cabernet Sauvignon varietal from vintage to vintage, and choose your favorites to take with you.  

For serious wine lovers interested in experiencing the truly exceptional, the Round Pond Gravel Series tasting is not to be missed! 

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