The Art of Cultivation


Have you ever wondered how we grow such incredible vegetables for Chef Eric to cook with? Our Head Gardener, Michael Presley, has answers here for you in the first part of an ongoing series about how we grow food at Round Pond.

You've heard of organic. And you've most likely heard of biodynamic. Michael uses cultivation methods along the entire spectrum that are geared towards a kitchen garden in an approach known as biointensive.

Watch the video above to hear Michael explain (and to hear a very vocal rooster). Michael will be back in future features to delve deeper into the specifics of organic and biodynamic ... if you have questions, leave them below and we'll get them answered in future episodes!

The Cultivation of Food at Round Pond

As a base, Michael grows everything organically. Yet he goes way beyond just leaving out synthetic fertilizers and chemicals and focuses instead on the cultivation of a healthy, holistic system from soil to roots to plants to compost. This system gives plants what they need to thrive.

In addition to organic, Michael uses many biodynamic practices, especially when plants are stressed or imbalanced. Michael sees biodynamic as a fine tuning of organic practices, allowing the gardener to draw on things like lunar, constellation and seasonal cycles as guides for when to plant, harvest and amend the soil.

Taking organic and biodynamic one step further for the particular application of our kitchen garden, Michael employs what is called the biointensive method. Biointensive gardening combines biodynamic methods with French kitchen gardening to greatly increase yields from small spaces while at the same time decreasing use of water and energy and improving soil condition.

What is the result of all this attention? Some seriously great food. Come to Round Pond for our Garden to Table Brunch and see--and taste--for yourself ...


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