Meadowood Resort's Spa Elixirs


These pure, healthful fruit elixirs are served at the New Meadowood Spa as a part of their light culinary menu.  Thanks to Spa Chef Victoria Acosta, you can now make these spa-quality elixirs for yourself!


Wheat Grass Elixir
12 oz pineapple juice
6 oz wheat grass juice
3 oz turmeric juice
3 oz cider vinegar

Ginger Elixir
10 oz orange juice
6 oz ginger juice
6 oz honey water* 
2 oz cider vinegar
¼ tsp cayenne pepper

Carrot Elixir
10 oz carrot juice
6 oz ginger juice
4 oz honey water*
2 oz cider vinegar
1 oz lime juice
½ tsp coriander seed (toasted & ground)

For each, blend ingredients and served chilled.  Each recipe makes 1-2 servings

*one part honey dissolved in one part warm water

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