Sauvignon Blanc 3 Ways


With three white wines that all feature Sauvignon Blanc, we are asked all the time about the difference between each. And now we have a new and exciting way to show  you just that!

One of the joys of wine tasting is indulging in a complete sensory experience—sight, smell, taste, and touch. Now we've expanded the sensory experience to include these fun and whimsical tasting notes. We hope you enjoy!

our visual tasting notes...

Have fun with your friends as you taste through these wines and guess which descriptor accompanies each wine. Use the printable of these beautiful visual tasting notes to do it!
Printable - Visual Tasting Note

2014 Rutherford Sauvignon Blanc


Powerfully perfumed, the bright nose shows intense aromatics of lychee, melon and ripe white peach. The palate is equally as bright with a booming fruit entry of crisp apple and Asian pear, intensified by notes of stone fruit and lime curd. This wine is beautifully balanced with crisp acidity giving way to more depth and richness as you sip.

2013 Reserve Sauvignon Blanc


This bold wine is more fruit forward in style, showing deeper complexity and brighter fruit profiles. Notes of honeysuckle, fig, and vanilla give a hint to the richness on the palate. Aged in stainless steel and French oak, this wine's crisp acidity carries through to the riper notes. The mid-palate is more viscous and has considerable weight to balance the beautiful acidity.

2014 Proprietary White

Visual Tasting Notes 1296 x 1296

Aromatics are driven by a floral perfume of oleander, along with tropical fruit and a hint of pistachio. Your taste buds will remind you of spring and summer with a crisp entry of stone and exotic fruits, that round out nicely with flavors of pear and a hint of apple. At the finish, the dash of Viognier brings a smooth velvety texture that is balanced nicely with a hint of vanilla cream.

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