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Everyone knows that the Napa Valley is an amazingly beautiful place with fantastic wineries and restaurants.  It’s no wonder that so many people flock to this beautiful region for milestone occasions like weddings, bachelor & bachelorette parties, birthdays, anniversaries, and so many others.  What better way to end a day of touring and tasting that with a fantastic "Blow-Out Dinner"?  

Round Pond's Owner Ryan 
MacDonnell gives you the scoop on her 2016 favourite spots for classic group dinners in the Napa Valley.  Dig in!



 Great cocktails and menu, plus you can play bocce ball! They re-vamped the interior, and I love the outdoor eating area.

Bistro Jeanty  
-- This is a classic - it's been around forever.  It's got cute décor, and is famous for its French bistro food.  Don’t miss the incredible tomato soup in puff pastry!

Two Birds One Stone -- Is the newest, hottest Napa Valley offering by famed chef formerly of Cyrus, Douglas Keene.  It has an expansive interior, and a creative Asian-inspired menu -  unusual for Napa Valley.

Morimoto -- When I have a craving for incredible Japanese food this is where I go: inventive and beautiful dishes, made table side.

Evangeline -- A French bistro with a Creole influence, started by Brandon Sharp of Sol Bar. Ask to sit outside in the romantic and beautiful outdoor patio.

French Laundry -- Of course, there is the French Laundry, which speaks for itself.  I love the sommelier Erik Johnson.  The garden created across the street is a treasure in and of itself, and each bite is a masterpiece.  You must save room for dessert! 

Bouchon -- I couldn’t help but keep Bouchon on the list. Everything about this place is perfection: the hopping bistro scene, the wines and food, and the to-die-for desserts.  I love it so much I will be there again for my birthday this year!!

Enjoy your time in Napa!

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Photos Credits: Oscar De La Villa Jr., Food.com, Flickr, Stay.com

Ryan MacDonnell, Co-Owner of Round Pond Estate

Written by Ryan MacDonnell, Co-Owner of Round Pond Estate

I love gardening, canning (especially Tomato sauce), and morning workouts while my kids are still sleeping. I am completely addicted to loose leaf green tea and my guiltiest pleasures are the chocolate soufflé at Press Restaurant (YUMMMM!) and rocking out to Katy Perry with my 3 daughters.

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