Roasted Romanesco and Cauliflower with Applewood Bacon


A great side dish for Fall, this romanesco and cauliflower dish pairs the essence of comfort and simplicity with the flavors of applewood smoked bacon fresh veggies. Great with a succulent steak or fish, or served cold within a salad.

1 head romanesco (approx 1½ lb.)
1 head cauliflower (approx 1 lb.)
3-4 Tbsp Round Pond Italian Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 Tbsp Fresh Oregano, chopped
¼ lb. Applewood Smoked Bacon, diced & partially rendered

Prepare your oven to 400F.

Using a paring knife, separate romanesco florets into thumb-sized or smaller pieces, by trimming at the stem. Do the same for the Cauliflower, though some pieces may be smaller. Place all florets into a bowl, season with salt, freshly cracked black pepper, 2-3 Tbsp Italian Varietal Olive Oil, and 1 tsp oregano. Toss to coat evenly.

Spread vegetables onto a large sheet pan, do not let the florets become crowded, (this will cause them to steam instead of roasting). Roast for 15 – 20 minutes; stir them around halfway through. While the vegetables roast, brown the diced bacon on the stove top in a pan. Then add it onto the roasting pan with the vegetables with 1-2 minutes remaining and toss. When you remove them, they should be lightly charred on the tips and tender at the stem. Now toss the remaining oregano and olive oil over them and serve hot as a side or cold in a salad.

Serves 6
Recipe by Round Pond Estate Winery Chef Eric Maczko

Eric Maczko, Executive Chef

Written by Eric Maczko, Executive Chef

I love organic gardening in my Backyard Garden/Vineyard where I have 55 Albarino Vines and Seasonal Vegetables and Fruits, walks with my Yorkie named LaTour and golfing. My guilty pleasures are Doritos and Mountain Dew first thing in the morning - I don't do coffee...

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