Panna Cotta


Panna Cotta can be fancy--like the one at Redd with Passionfruit Puree and Pineapple Foam--or simple like this one here, which is a great foil for seasonal fruit.

1 cup milk
2-3/4 t gelatin
6 T sugar
pinch of salt
3 cups heavy cream
1 vanilla bean, split (One bean or 1-3 teaspoons of extract)

Bloom gelatin over milk in a large sauté pan and heat to 135F. Add sugar and salt.

Steep vanilla bean in warm cream for 20 minutes. Remove vanilla bean, add milk mixture and simmer 10 min, until thickened.

Place mixture into 8 ramekins and set each ramekin into an ice bath.

Invert ramekins onto a plate and allow formed Panna Cotta to slide out. Top Panna Cotta with seasonal berries or preserves.

Serves 8

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