Our Favorite Summer Recipes!


Summer the time for Farmer's Markets and the freshest fruits and vegetables. There's zucchini, tomatoes, strawberries, green beans, cherries, peaches, bell peppers, and corn. So many choices...how to choose what to goes into your basket?

We've pulled together our favorite summer recipes for you from Round Pond.; from salads and skewers to appetizers and cocktails. Bon appetit!

Summer Recipes From Round Pond

Pickled Zucchini - A simple and fantastic way to highlight the overabundance of summer zucchini.

Stacked Goat Cheese Caprese Salad - Light, colorful, simple and flavorful – try out this recipe by our very own Diane Cline!

Summer Bubbly - The perfect cocktail on a hot summer day! Refreshing and sweet all at once.

Dora's Garden Salsa - Dora’s salsa–made from veggies and chilies gathered from the Round Pond garden–is a mainstay during the busy harvest season here.

Grilled Serrano Ham-Wrapped Pork Tenderloin - This dish goes great with a lighter bodied red wine – marry that with a dish of cured ham wrapped around pork, grilled vegetables and let the sparks of summer fly!

Roasted Corn Salad - Fun, fresh, easy and colorful…and did we mention super tasty?

Grilled Marinated Lamb Skewers - These grilled marinated lamb skewers are easy to make and pack delicious flavor.

Pomegranate Cosmo - People ask us all the time “What do you do with your syrups?” – we have always thought the perfect combination is a cocktail!

Perfect Summer Side Dish - The Blood Orange Citrus Syrup creates a perfect foil for the saltiness of the cheese and is a wonderful balance to your Grilled Hanger Steak.

Meyer Lemon and Ancho Chile Chicken - A spicy twist to your classic BBQ chicken recipe this summer – serve chicken with sliced grilled avocado and a squeeze of the grilled lemon.!

Hot and Spicy Grilled Shrimp - If you’re looking for something spicy, flavorful and grill-friendly this summer, this grilled shrimp will become your new go-to dish!

Grilled Spanish Garlic Bread - The perfect grilled garlic bread – fresh, easy, and delicious.

Black Eyed Pea Salad - One of our most classic recipes to highlight our Cabernet-Merlot Red Wine Vinegar. A must try!

Grilled Wild Salmon - Owner Ryan MacDonnell is a huge fan of salmon, and this is one of her all-time favorite recipes.  Enjoy with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

Hamburgers with Red Wine Barbecue Sauce - Try this tasty, tangy hamburger recipe next time you want to grill this summer.

Citrus Syrup Ice Cream Soda - The folks from the 1950s would be jealous of this addition to your classic ice cream soda.

Chocolate Zucchini Bread - The subtle richness of chocolate in this zucchini bread recipe makes it extra special.

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