Our Favorite Napa Valley Itineraries


At first blush, it may seem the hardest part of planning a Napa trip is just getting here. When do you fly out?  What airline do you book?  Where do you fly in?  Aisle seat or window seat?  So many decisions!

But then it hits you - what are you going to do once you actually get here (after deciding whether to rent a car, book a limo or hire a driver, of course)? We hear time and again how overwhelming it can be for guests to plan their itinerary.  With over 400 wineries to visit in the Napa Valley alone, and more than 150 restaurants to indulge in, it's no wonder.

Never fear!  We've combed through dozens of trip guides and found a few of our favorites...Now you can relax and just enjoy!

Our Top Napa Valley Itineraries


TripAdvisor | Napa: Top Reviews

"We just completed our first visit to the Napa Valley and had a wonderful time. When planning my trip, I was looking all over the internet for sample itineraries and found very few. So, if you’re planning a trip to Napa, here is our real-life vacation experience (with opinions)." To read Trip Advisor's full Napa Valley itinerary, click HERE.



Architectural Digest | A Perfect Napa Weekend

"From stylish hotels to intimate vineyard visits to unforgettable meals - a guide to making the most of a quick getaway to Northern California's iconic wine country." To read Architectural Digest's full Napa Valley itinerary, click HERE.



Kate Spade New York | Napa and Sonoma: Ideal Itineraries

"The most famous patch of vines in America can be found in Northern California. Napa and Sonoma and their collective small towns make up what is technically the ninth district in the San Francisco Bay Area, but it's truly a world of its own. Pioneering ranchers, farmers, and winemakers have cultivated the land and the culinary scene for centuries, creating a bucolic scene with a Michelin-Star pedigree." To read Kate Spade's full Napa Valley itinerary, click HERE.



People.Com | What You Should Eat, See and Do in Napa Valley

"Hi, Great Ideas readers! I’m Andrea Lavinthal, PEOPLE’s Style and Beauty Director. When I’m not covering breaking news (in my world, that means a celebrity just debuted their new haircut on Instagram) or obsessing over the latest red carpet looks (did you see what Reese wore last night?!), you can find me enjoying a glass of Sauvignon Blanc at home. And I recently had the pleasure of visiting the home of my favorite beverage, Napa Valley." To read People's full Napa Valley itinerary, click HERE.



Where San Francisco | Wine Tastings With a View in Napa

"Ready to unwind with some leisurely wine tasting in Napa Valley? Settle in with a glass then proceed to contemplate the inspiring vista at one of these scenic wineries." To read Where San Francisco's full Napa Valley itinerary, click HERE.



Travel + Leisure | A Pregnant Lady and a Teetotaler Walk into Wine Country…

"Food writers—a cadre of whom I technically belong to—like to moan that you “can never get a meal back.” I don’t believe that goes for travel. Which is why I booked one more do-over last month, with a man I’ve been in a long-distance, loosely knit, ultra-caring relationship with for more than a year. Romantic Napa, take three." To read Travel+Leisure's full Napa Valley itinerary, click HERE.

Travel+Leisure Napa Itinerary

What favorites would you recommend to others visiting the Napa Valley? Let us know in the comments below!


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