Three New Olive Mill Experiences!


In the past few years, our product line has grown organically with things like wine vinegars that rival any in Italy, and a brand new pomegranate syrup that local mixologists can't get enough of.

Folks, we've got a veritable peacock in the backyard.

Which is why we've had such a ball this past year brainstorming ways to showcase it all to you in an array of amazing experiences, including a no-holds-barred interactive culinary experience. Watch the video above for a sneak peek at our three new experiences, and then come visit and enjoy them for yourself!

Splash and Dash

If you're in a hurry, pop in for our Splash and Dash. We'll pour you tastes of our infused oils and classic Orleans-method vinegars, made from grapes grown here on the estate.

Mill Tasting

With all of the incredible organic produce we have in the winery garden and the talent we have in our chefs, we wanted to create a true culinary experience that showed how special our products are ... and to have fun while doing it.

You'll taste through our three estate oils, each paired with a bite that brings out the unique qualities of each oil--like a Smoked Salmon and Goat Cheese "Lollipop" paired with our Meyer Lemon Olive Oil.

Next, you'll taste our wine vinegars paired with dishes that have been created using them ... we'll even mix up our Signature Vinaigrette table side and let you dress your own greens.

Sour is followed by our sweet syrups, accompanied by three miniature desserts (think Blood Orange Brownie with Candied Kumquat drizzled with our Blood Orange Syrup).

And to gild the lily, we'll send you off with our House-made Shrub, which features all of our products (you get to pick which olive oil you want to drizzle on top ... you'll be amazed at how luscious and creamy it makes it!) in one drink.

Olive Mill Tour and Tasting

For the full "taste of place" experience, add on a Mill Tour to the tasting. We'll take you on a tour of the olive groves and mill, explaining step by step how the olives go from tree to bottle.


If you're in the area (or coming soon), book your Mill Experience now! And if not, no worries ... we've got the recipes and products right here for you so you can enjoy the experience at home.

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