Introducing The Round Pond Superheroes!



The Round Pond Superheroes debut in a pitched battle with evil Dr. Bo-Trytis!

Captain Vino musters his crew of Wonder Wind Man, Supersonic Heatmeister and Super Sun Woman to save the day ... and the 2014 vintage. But will they succeed?

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The Superheroes' First Battle

 In Rutherford, the heart of the Napa valley, we find the winemaking team of Round Pond Estate gearing up for another great harvest. Although shaken by a 6.0 earthquake, it looks like they are ready for a stellar harvest.

“The grapes look just perfect!” Winemaker Muiris declares to the rest of the team. “Now all we need are dry, sunny days.” Little did they know who was lurking beneath the canopy … We join our winemaking team walking the vineyards just before harvest 2014 is to commence. Unbeknownst to them, Dr. Evil Bo-Trytis was lurking in the vineyards, out of sight, but never out of mind.

Muiris - Winemaker by Day and Captain Vino by Night
Barret - Supersonic Heatmeister
Stephanie - Super Sun Woman
Todd - Wonder Wine Man

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