Hands on Harvest



Harvest is always a thrilling time of year - but it comes and goes so quickly! From August through October, we have an exciting experience that literally puts you in the winemaking team's footsteps. Get your hands dirty and see what it’s like to work harvest at Round Pond!


Introducing...The Hands on Harvest Experience

Begin wth a welcome taste of wine on our terrace and learn about Round Pond Estate's hands-on approach from soil to bottle. Next, you'll meet one of the all-stars on our winemaking team, as they take you into the vineyard to test the brix of the grapes and witness our grape growing methods first-hand.

We then move onto the crush pad to participate in the activities of the day. This could include working on the sorting table, helping with pump overs, or tasting partially fermented juice. The barrel cellar is next in our lineup. You could assist with stirring the lees of our barrel-aged wines or test the sugar and alcohol levels of the wines.

After all of that hard work, you'll be rewarded with a barrel tasting straight from a wine thief. Working in the cellar and touring the facility is fun, but you'll love your final stop: relaxing on our terrace and tasting our estate wines paired with a seasonal food pairing.

Since harvest is an ever changing event, we cannot guarantee that you will be experiencing every single activity above - but we certainly guarantee an afternoon to remember!

There's still time to participate in the 2015 harvest!



A few notes...

• Hands on Harvest is $95 per person, club member discounts apply (limit 2).
• By appointment only at 10:00am Monday-Saturday.
• Please allow 2 hours for this experience.
• 2 persons minimum, 8 persons maximum.

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