Grilled Korean Short Ribs w/Bacon Braised Kale


Grilled Korean short ribs meet their perfect pairings with the addition of vibrant vinegar, bacon-braised kale, and a bright and flavorful Meyer lemon gremolata.  Chef Jamie created this delicious recipe to especially to pair with our elite Gravel Series cabernet sauvignon wines, and it's one of the most requested recipes from our private dinner events!


¼ cup parsley, chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced
½ ea Meyer Lemon, zested|
8 each Korean Short Ribs (cut about a ½” thick)
Salt & pepper to taste
1 Tbsp Round Pond Spanish Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil
3 bunches kale, de-stemmed & roughly chopped
¼ lb thick cut bacon, cut into strips
½ each yellow onion, diced small
2 Tbsp Round Pond Cabernet-Merlot Red Wine Vinegar
4 Tbsp butter
2 Tbsp black and/or white sesame seeds for garnish

To make the gremolata, place chopped parsley, minced garlic and Meyer lemon zest in a small bowl and mix together.  Set aside.

Next, season each short rib with salt and pepper and place on a hot grill for 4-5 minutes each side. Remove from heat when done and let rest.

While the short ribs are grilling, pour Round Pond Spanish Olive Oil in a hot sauté pan, then add the onion and bacon.  Sauté for a couple of minutes, then add kale.  Cook kale until it starts to wilt (about 2-3 minutes).  
Turn the heat up on the pan and add Round Pond Cab-Merlot Red Wine Vinegar and then butter.  Cook until butter is melted, then season with salt and pepper.  Turn off heat. 

To plate, place the cooked kale down on a platter, top with grilled short ribs, then sprinkle with the gremolata and sesame seeds on top and enjoy!

Serves 4

Jamie Prouten, Executive Chef

Written by Jamie Prouten, Executive Chef

I love my wife and two boys and anything having to do with barbecuing. Travel also gives me happiness, but I don't do enough. Guilty pleasures include Hoffman hotdogs...and McDonald's.

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