Grandma's Recipes


There's just something about Grandma that gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling inside, and even more so when you think of that one special dish she used to always make. With that in mind, we have gathered up our employees' favorite recipes made by their grandmas, and are sharing them with you. This delicious and diverse list covers all the bases from breakfast to dessert, with some even handed down from generation to generation. We hope you enjoy the many flavors from our Grandmas to you!

Our Grandmas' Recipes


Giagia Soula's Greek Chicken Soup
Shared by Accounting & Accounts Payable Specialist, Sia Giannakouros
"Giagia is Greek for Grandma….This was the very first thing I ever learned to cook with my Giagia, and I remember being 5 years old and learning to separate eggs and working the hand mixer whilst she explained to me the importance of making the kissy noises loudly so the eggs wouldn’t overcook."

Grandma Jean's Molasses Cookies
Shared by Brand & Marketing Manager, Carrie Baker
"These chewy, sweet cookies my grandma made weekly. I remember coming to her house as a kid, and before even saying hi, we would cut directly to the pantry, open her giant Tupperware filled with these cookies, grab a couple, then head into the Kitchen to say hi."

Nana B's Apple Pudding
Shared by our Master Garden Curator, Daphne Blackmer
"Nana B was always making something in the kitchen and you could always count on it being delicious! From jams to jellies to crisps, you never went hungry."

The Bracher's Tomato Basil Soup
Shared by our owner, Ryan MacDonnell
"This recipe comes from my mother-in-law, which has been in the family for many, many years. Of course, we've changed it to include our olive oil now!"

Grandma Anna's Chicken Paprikash
Shared by our Director of Hospitality, Liz Mercer
"My daughter, Abbey, and her Nana have been cooking together since Abbey was a toddler. This is a fun one because the littlest of hands can help make the spätzle.”

Grandma Gigi's Empanadas de Pino
Shared by our Assistant Tasting Room Manager, Christina Blandon
"Since my grandmother lived in Santiago, Chile, we traveled a lot. She would visit us and we would visit our family there at least once a year. When she would visit us, we had to make our own empanadas."

Grandma Pat's "Old Fashioned" Aebelskives
Shared by our Marketing Coordinator, Nicole Wells
"We grew up with a few European traditions that were all centered around food - like celebrating the feast of St. Nicholas and leaving our shoes by the door the night before with our lists. One tradition that we developed was making aebelskives whenever the entire family was around for breakfast. They're Danish pancakes that are shaped in a sphere and absolutely delicious with maple syrup and powdered sugar!"

Grandma Trudy's Chocolate Mousse Pie
Shared by Trade and Marketing Assistant, Nicole Glaze
"If there was a year she didn’t make it she would have backlash from us kids. She always complaining it was ‘too many bowls’. As us kids got older we were designated the task of making it, because ‘Christmas isn’t Christmas without chocolate pie’ - hence the tradition being passed on."

Grandma Prouten's Raspberry Angel Pie
Shared by Winery Chef, Jamie Prouten
"This pie has gotten me sent to my room during the holidays - it's just that good!"

Your Grandma's Recipes

Do you have a favorite recipe from your grandma? Please share with us in the comments below or on social media via Facebook or Instagram.

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