Chicks and Chickens at Round Pond


What could be more fun than having your own beloved little chics raise their own beloved little chicks into chickens? We thought nothing could be, so we brought home a clutch of baby chicks--a mixture of Swedish Flowers, Americana (with the blue eggs), Sicilian Butter Cups, French Copper Mauran and Buff Orphingtons--to raise as our own.

Not only was it a great chance to teach the girls where their favorite breakfast food – eggs – comes from, it was also a hands-on lesson about the cycle of life, the beauty of nature and all things farm to table.


Our Chickens

Our "peeping project" inspired hard work and lots of family time. From day 1, my girls loved their little chicks. They fed them, watered them and even cleaned their pen (not the most fun part as they will be quick to tell you). We had great days (when they were finally old enough to be held and petted by the girls) and sad days (when we had to bury little Achio out back in our garden because she simply wasn’t strong enough to survive).

But mostly we had the time of our lives giggling, cleaning, singing and loving these little creatures. Today the chicks are all grown up (luckily mine aren't ... yet) and the girls love visiting their “babies” in the winery chicken coop at the garden, gathering their eggs, and oohing and aahing about what beautiful grown chickens they have become.

I look forward to saying the same one day of my three chickadees …

Ryan MacDonnell, Co-Owner of Round Pond Estate

Written by Ryan MacDonnell, Co-Owner of Round Pond Estate

I love gardening, canning (especially Tomato sauce), and morning workouts while my kids are still sleeping. I am completely addicted to loose leaf green tea and my guiltiest pleasures are the chocolate soufflé at Press Restaurant (YUMMMM!) and rocking out to Katy Perry with my 3 daughters.

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