Blistered Padron Peppers


All peppers start out as green. Sweet Peppers come in many varieties and colors, so simply pick them when firm and the appropriate color for the variety.

For hot peppers (like padrons), the longer that the pepper remains on the plant, the hotter they will become. These peppers will often turn either red or stay green with black tinges to the skin. The heat of peppers is mainly in the seed and the membranes attaching the seed to the inside of the pepper. Daphne always recommends wearing gloves when picking hot peppers so that you mitigate sensitivity.

Padrons are a very popular hot pepper that is traditionally harvested when the peppers are still sweet, typically at a length of no more than 2 inches. If you allow the pepper to grow bigger, they will carry more heat - ultimately turning red, which is the hottest of all! Of course, there is no guarantee that there may not be a surprise hot one if picked young!

2 cups padron peppers
1 Tbsp Round Pond Estate Italian Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 tsp sea salt

Place the padron peppers with the stem still intact into a preheated dry frying pan (no butter, oil, etc.). Quickly blister the peppers on medium-high heat. Remove from the pan, add the Italian Varietal Olive Oil and sea salt, then toss to coat. Add a squeeze of lemon, if desired.  

Serve with crusty bread and crumby goat cheese, or enjoy straight from the pan.  Enjoy!

Daphne Blackmer, Head Gardener

Written by Daphne Blackmer, Head Gardener

I have worked in many aspects of gardening and farming, it is very rewarding to be able to work within my passions on a daily basis. When I’m not working…I’m gardening (I know nerd alert) or hiking and I love to swim. My guilty pleasure is basically any form of cheese!

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