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Ryan MacDonnell

- Co-Owner of Round Pond Estate

I love gardening, canning (especially Tomato sauce), and morning workouts while my kids are still sleeping. I am completely addicted to loose leaf green tea and my guiltiest pleasures are the chocolate soufflé at Press Restaurant (YUMMMM!) and rocking out to Katy Perry with my 3 daughters.

  • tomato-sauce

    Garden Tomato Sauce

    One of Ryan’s very favorite traditional tomato sauces she makes with her girls. Perfect on pasta, pizza, bruschetta or even poured over your fried eggs in the morning!

  • Strawberry-Preserves

    Strawberry Preserves

    Straight from the earth to the jar – this preserves recipe goes au naturel with garden fresh strawberries and a pop of lemon juice to make a sweet barely set syrup.

  • canning-strawberry-preserves

    The Round Pond Guide to Canning

    Round Pond owner Ryan MacDonnell and her girls love to make jams and sauces with goodies from the garden. Watch Ryan, Addie and Gigi (with Taylor Swift playing backup in the background) making strawberry preserves in the video, then follow the steps below to do it yourself with whatever’s growing in your neck of the woods.

  • grilled-wild-salmon

    Grilled Wild Salmon

    Owner Ryan MacDonnell is a huge fan of salmon – this is one of her all time favorite recipes. Enjoy with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and a back patio!

  • aceto-balsamico

    Making Our Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale

    This is an exciting post for us, about the coming to fruition of a project that’s been over eight years in the making! We’ve just bottled our very first release of our brand new (aged eight years) Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale.

  • chicks-chickens

    Chicks and Chickens at Round Pond

    What could be more fun than having your own beloved little chics raise their own beloved little chicks? Read about Ryan’s three daughters’ adventures raising Round Pond’s flock.

  • how-to-host-olive-oil-tasting

    How to Host an Olive Oil Tasting

    Watch Ryan show how to host an olive oil tasting in the video above, then follow the steps below to hold one for your guests in your own home.

  • fresh-olive-oil

    Fresh Olive Oil Month at Round Pond!

    In Italy, there’s a tradition of honoring the first olives harvested and the pungent, fresh oil they produce … which Italians call “olio nuovo,” or “new oil.” Here’s how we celebrate our “olio nuovo” here at Round Pond.

  • round-pond-olive-trees

    Olive Harvest at Round Pond

    We’re taking you behind the scenes of this winter’s olive harvest at Round Pond. First, Ryan shows you how we make our olive oil, shepherding the olives from tree to mill to oil to tank in less than an hour. Then she takes you through a tasting of each of our eight olive varietals, explaining what each one brings to the blend.

  • AdHoc_tkrg_03_12_382-1821394197-O

    Ryan’s Best Blow-Out Dinners

    People often ask me where to go in Napa Valley for over-the-top dinners. Here are five of my favorite places that I always recommend.

  • blood-orange-olive-oil

    How We Make Blood Orange Olive Oil

    Walk through what it takes to make Round Pond Blood Orange Olive Oil … then grab a bottle for yourself and whip up delishes of your own.