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At Round Pond Estate, we strive to craft the best foods and wines - making use of our land in the most sustainable way possible. In previous posts, we've shown you our honey bee hives, organic gardens, the milling of our olive oils, the meticulous details involved in our winemaking, and so much more. Everything we do here at Round Pond Estate is done with an eye to ensure that future generations are able to enjoy this beautiful piece of Napa Valley.

With this philosophy in mind, we are honored to announce we have been named as a Food Finalist in the 2015 Martha Stewart American Made Awards.

About the Contest: Each year, Martha and the editors at Martha Stewart Living honor makers, small-business owners, and creative entrepreneurs in the fields of crafts, design, food, and style. These makers are recognized for their dedication to creating beautiful, quality products and building successful businesses and communities. In addition to the Martha Stewart American Made honorees selected by their editors, one Audience Choice Winner will be chosen through voting.

Please vote for us through October 19th - folks can vote up to 6 times per day.


Why We Are American Made

By Ryan MacDonnell, Owner Round Pond Estate


Round Pond is a family owned business located in Rutherford in the heart of the Napa Valley: 1st generation is grape growers and 2nd generation brings its passion for farming to a new level with a winery and olive mill whose mission is to make hand crafted, limited production wines, olives oils, vinegars and citrus syrups – the perfect reflection of our family’s dedication and appreciation of the land where our children live and are being raised. 3 generations of the MacDonnell family live on the property. With the addition of unforgettable experiences, we hope to continue to offer an extended line of products that all share the same quality that our products do now.


In total, we farm 362 acres of Rutherford vineyards, 10 acres of Oakville vineyards, 12 acres of olive orchards, and 5 acres of organic gardens. The property includes a historical 100 year old pole barn, honey bee hives, a river meadow, as well as a beautiful portion of the Napa River thriving with salmon and other wildlife. Our state of the art winery, olive mill and vinegar acetaia are the centers of our business life, while the three residences on property are the center of our family life. On a daily basis, one might see the 9 grandchildren running around the property, biking through the vineyards, feeding the chickens, and stealing strawberries from Grandma’s garden. One of our proudest accomplishments is to have assembled a team of exceptionally driven individuals, who share our passion for excellence and make the job fun. Our drive is to do the right thing for the land to leave a better environment and business for the future generations.


We are inspired to be the best. It is unique to run a family business and it enables us to think long-term with every business decision that is made, which ultimately leads to high quality products. There’s something truly rewarding by having success and working hand in hand with your family. Having a job that encompasses a lot of different elements, both artistic and intellectual is inspirational – building something with your hands, building a business, the creativity behind packaging design & sharing all of this with our customers. We love working with family to create a business that will sustain us all into the future. Having our children next door is an ultimate plus, our children can stop by the winery and try the juice from the cellar, our mother can stop by for a visit, or our friends can visit the property. Hard work and what can be ultimately accomplished is another wonderful aspect that we are inspired by.


With many locations to choose from in the Napa Valley, our business stands out for the authenticity of our hospitality and products. We produce a variety of products that experience the utmost in care from beginning to end: our Estate grown and milled Extra Virgin Olive Oils, our Estate grown Red Wine Vinegars, our Infused Olive Oils & Artisan Syrups. In true sustainability form, we also offer Chili Salt and Hot Sauce to a limited number of customers – as we prefer to reuse the chilies from our Chili Infused Olive Oil rather than throw it out. We believe that good wines start in the vineyards, which is the entire reason that we began our wine program. Originally grape growers, we wanted to provide the highest quality grapes to our buyers. We decided to vinify our own wine in order to improve our grape growing for our winery clients. While we still cherish our winery clients and grow fruit for them, the business has evolved into a standalone food & wine business.


Our dad was famous for his lectures, both business-related and personal, when we were kids. There were so many that we even started numbering them – he repeated them constantly. As kids we didn’t appreciate them, but today they are at the very center of our business philosophy. “Follow up, follow up, follow up”, “you can say anything as long as you say it the right way”, and “be business like about it” are just a few of them.


America is singularly unique in the world in that anyone can accomplish anything if they put their mind to it. At Round Pond, we have embraced that spirit as we have built our business; growing from grape farmers into a gourmet food and wine purveyor. As a family, we strongly believe that through hard work, we can accomplish anything. As a business, we strive to be stewards of the land and move forward with decisions that will benefit the community as a whole. We have been farming this land for over 30 years and envision generations ahead of us doing the same. With that vision in mind, all of our products are inspired by our land and quality drives every decision that we make. We’re inspired to use every element of what Mother Nature gives us, which leads to a plethora of innovative products. We hope to inspire others to embody a food-to-table lifestyle, where good food and great company are at the core of family. Our values include family, community, authenticity & innovation.

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