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The FEED is the ultimate source for Round Pond-inspired wine pairings, delicious recipes, and effortless entertaining. As a family, we have always enjoyed sharing stories and creating new memories around the table with fantastic wine and food as the centerpiece. We are grateful to be able to share this joy and all that comes from our estate with you.

Here’s what you’ll find on The FEED:

With six acres of gardens and a dedicated master gardener and chef, we at Round Pond heartily embrace the “farm to table” lifestyle.  Enjoy these recipes from our Winery Chef—we’ve divided them into “easy” and “elegant”—with your own seasonal produce to bring the taste of Round Pond home.

Live like a (Napa) Local
This is your guide for where to stay, where to eat, where to go and what to do.  Get our staff-favorite fellow wineries and restaurants, owners Ryan & Miles MacDonnell’s list of must-do experiences in the Valley, and  more.  Follow our lead and truly live like a local while you’re here!

Live like a (Napa) Local - At Home
Get tips and how-to advice on how to bring a Napa—and Round Pond—feel to your home, garden and table.  Host your own olive oil tasting, farm your garden organically, pair food and wine like an expert, and more.

Life at Round Pond - Behind the Scenes
To make something great, you’ve got to roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty and make sure to keep your sense of humor along the way!  We share how we make our artisan wines and foods with an eye on integrity and purity of product, why we are so obsessed with the details, and who the people are that dedicate their lives to it.

Come Join Us
If you haven’t been to a Round Pond Experience yet, you're missing so much!
Watching dusk settle over the vineyards from the Terrace, a leisurely lunch after exploring both winery and mill, and much, much more.

Feed by Round Pond

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The Feed by Round Pond is a collective voice of the staff that embodies the ethos of all we do--from making wine to making artisanal food products to just plain having fun--here at Round Pond.

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